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One of the most idiosyncratic peoples known in pop – music world, Kendi was borned in İstanbul in 1987.

When her artistic soul and characteristic were noticed by her family, Kendi started to take the stage thanks to classic ballet trainings. Thanks to her shining and attracting abilities, she participated in the folk dance team which takes the stage in prestigious organizations of “the Association for supporting contemporary Life” (Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği in Turkish) in her early ages. After meeting with the stage in early ages, Kendi started to take drum courses from Okan Duman in order to strengthening the links with music by giving a break to dance. Thanks to this step, the young starlet started to growing in music world and to internalizing the rhythm and note in addition to dance Because of her ability in music besides dance, Kendi was encouraged to take piano courses in Pera Fine Arts High School (Pera Güzel Sanatlar Lisesi in Turkish). In those days, she learned professionally how to unite her actions in stage with her voice by taking singing lessons.

On one side, Kendi was interesting with art and on the other hand she was taking the attentions of people thanks to her beauty. She gained a substantial degree and success in one of the beauty contests organized by a magazine directed to young girls and then, she started to take stage in front of the cameras following the contract which Kendi signed with Neşe Erberk agency. In those days, she took roles in various advertisement clips and TV series.

Kendi was introduced with the music world through the cameras and she showed her multi – dimensional characteristic by organizing, directing and anchoring her own program in one of the most important music channel.

Kendi was very exciting to release her first album in order to take her first professional step into music world via the album of which preparations were started in 2008. In 2009, her first album titled as “ Aksi Single” which was released with the title of Seyhan Music and this was a successful study which meets us with Kendi. She took attention via her song named as "Salla" and this beautiful star created an unfamiliar impact in music markets of our country thanks to her actions shown in this song and her clip.

After a short time, in 2001, Kendi opened a post – modern point of view to the music markets thanks to her new album. Kendi is one of the youngest and successful names who represent electronic pop music in our country and she attracted the attention of different audiences thanks to this new album.

The ones who worried about Kendi because of not to see her in pop music markets recently shall be relaxed. Beautiful star was in a camp in order to create her brand new project named as “Aşka İnanmaz”. Kendi, who crowned her knowledge thanks to the signing and dance courses, planned to turn into pop music world with a different vision but which is well for her. .

Kendi is known with her attention which she gives on sign selection process. The star, who continues to develop her abilities in the process of stating the right time and song, desires to meet with the audiences who do not know her with the single album titled as “Oh Oh” after the single album titled as "Aşka İnanmaz".

The album “Oh Oh” shall be one of the most interesting songs of the year which will be released with the title of “ Kendi Müzik” and an attentive video clip also shall be released within a short time.